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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
PLA PlayUp (Website)
SNTR SilentNotary
CLPX Chynge
EVER Everlife
BUD Buddy (Website)
AIR Snips
BITOX Bitox (Website)
TGAME Truegame
HSN HelperSearch
XBT Block Konnect
SON Skynet (Website)
EMU eMusic
BTH Bithereum
CAP Capitalise
MOAC MOAC (Website)
TP Tokenpals
KAYA Kaya Network
LANEAXIS Lane Axis (Website)
UBEX Ubex (Website)
BC CryptoIndex
RKR Rockerchain (Website)
VIDY Vidy (Website)
OMGC OmiseGo Classic (Website)
PAI Pchain (Website)
DR Dream Real (Website)
ESTATE AgentMile (Website)
NOW NOW Token (Website)
HBB Habibicoin (Website)
KAVA Kava (Website)
BTRN Biotron (Website)
DOM Dominium (Website) X
IZX IZX (Website)
LOC LockTrip (Website) X
CTB Coin Trade Base (Website) X
APL APOLLOchain (Website)
ABX Adcobi Coin (Website)
GRAT Gratz (Website)
BYTM Bytemine (Website)
SOUK CryptoSouk (Website)
MOOT MooToken (Website)
SENNO Senno (Website)
LOT MediLOT (Website)
JSE JSEcoin (Website) X
TOPL ARBIT (Website)
FIT Fast Invest (Website) X
MHC MetaHash (Website)
GID Gid Coin (Website)
TELE Miracletele (Website)
SHPT Shipit (Website)
SEED Superbloom (Website)
SG SocialGood (Website) X
QUIZ QiuzBeat (Website)
LXT Lexit (Website)
ACM GCOX (Website) X
PT Pink Taxi (Website)
FFC FluzFluz (Website)
BAILS Bailsman (Website)
WELL Well (Website)
ZNC ZEON (Website)
BST Boosto (Website)
WAB Wab Network (Website)
OSA Osadc (Website)
BZS BizShake (Website)
SPH Sapphirecoin (Website)
COY Coin Analyst
XVT Vantage Token
GLDR War Field (Website)
LXC Alluxe (Website)
LQ8 Liquid8 (Website)
XPL Explorio
DEPO Depository Network (Website)
CNC eCoinomic (Website)
CMRT Cremit (Website)
MILC Mico Licensing Coin (Website)
CMB Creatanium (Website)
BRN Barrel (Website)
MOOLYA moolya (Website)
CML CryptoMillionsLotto (Website)
QZ Efir (Website)
ODMC ODMcoin (Website)
UTO Utour (Website)
TAT unitalent (Website)
DRESS ProjectDressCode
ZB ZeroBank (Website)
HRO HEROIC (Website)
TXN Traxion (Website) X
VTOS VTOS (Website)
P2PEP P2pep (Website) X
MIC Dench Music (Website)
HAV Havven (Website)
SPARK Sparkster (Website) X
DCNT Decenturion (Website)
VXR Versara Trade
MVU MEVU (Website)
MIBO meBoodle (Website)
BILL TillBilly (Website)

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