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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
TXN Traxion (Website) X X
TXN Airdrop Info:
go to https://airdrop.traxion.tech/
alternative: https://airdropalert.com/join/Traxion
P2PEP P2pep (Website) ref link X
P2PEP Airdrop Info:
register at: https://www.p2pep.com/aff?ref=andreas888
and after login Click the “PEP Token Address” tab and submit your ETH address by clicking on edit.
SPARK Sparkster (Website) ref link X
SPARK Airdrop Info:
register at: https://sparkster.me/try?r=zOO2Y7Dn
TRW Triwer (Website) ref link X
TRW Airdrop Info:
click on "join token sale" and register: https://www.triwer.io/?af=zJgkzCFAm8dM
after login - click on airdrop and follow instructions
REO CareonChain (Website) ref link X
REO Airdrop Info:
go to this bot: https://t.me/CareonchainAirDrop_bot?start=572289219 and follow instructions
register at: https://careonchain.io/ref/EYDFV/
CRL Corl (Website) ref link X
CRL Airdrop Info:
go to https://corl.io?ref=V6ukU0Tvlq and select >Corl Token >Airdrop Program
ATON Further Network (Website) ref link X
ATON Airdrop Info:
- join white list, sign up: https://dashboard.further.network/?ref=1dc7b0b8
- after email confirmation and login, click on airdrop and follow instructions
CMK Coolomat (Website) ref link X
CMK Airdrop Info:
- sign up at https://tokens.coolomat-market.io?ref=2c018e1c585b0f841b44ec10886a2bb14001c945c8ccd47e2ed448093d59f70e and after email confirmation scroll down and enter your Telegram name and ETH Adress
- join https://telegram.me/coolomatmarket
YBK YourBlock (Website) ref link X
YBK Airdrop Info:
1. join Token Sale at https://yourblock.io/refer/180ab3ffffc298e89f8d5d515cd02bd5
2. copy your ref link and go to this bot: https://t.me/yourblockv3bot?start=4zCyiyKicxdBWPrhHA4upB start him and enter your ref link
3. follow further instructions of the bot
CIF CrowdIF (Website) ref link X
CIF Airdrop Info:
- Sign up on https://www.crowdif.com/home/?ref=andreas888 and click on "request whitelist"
- Verify your email
- Log in and complete your profile
DOM Dominium (Website) ref link X
DOM Airdrop Info:
register and KYC at https://dominium.me/de/referral/2f6491e3 - but it is too much to do to get the airdrop !
RWRD Rewards (Website) X
DUCAT DUCATUR (Website) ref link X
DUCAT Airdrop Info:
go to https://ducatur.com/?ref=vdK8CL and click on Bounty and join
MET Miner Edge (Website) ref link X
MET Airdrop Info:
- register at http://www.mineredge.io/JTHZxl
- go to the airdrop form and follow instructions: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf8qoRzBbsGt7lGua3mSgGM1ZaEh3hTdlWcQ-nu5ddgLgVgjQ/viewform
KNOW Kryptono Exchange (Website) ref link X
SYN Synapse AI (Website) X
UNI TokenUnion (Website) ref link X
UNI Airdrop Info:
join https://t.me/tokenunion
follow https://twitter.com/tokenunionio
go to http://tokenunion.io/?mwr=7005-5aebd3cc and click on "get free UNI token"
AB Accounting Blockchain (Website) ref link X
AB Airdrop Info:
sign up at: https://www.theaccountingblockchain.io/?aId=6844038-7286650
Login and add your ETH Adress and Twitter and Telegram usernames to your profile (at the bootom of the page).
- join https://t.me/accountingblockchain
- follow https://twitter.com/ABblockchain
BEX Binex (Website) ref link X
BEX Airdrop Info:
go to https://binex.trade/?code=AKZTD and pre-register
BNDL CoinBundle (Website) X
AVINOC AVINOC (Website) ref link X
OVO ICOVO (Website) X
LAPO Lapo Blockchain (Website) X
WHEN WhenHub Interface (Website) ref link X
WHEN Airdrop Info:
- join https://t.me/WhenHubTokenSale (seems not to needed)
- sign up at https://interface.whenhub.com/share/2bfRVrce and confirm email
- download to your Mobilephone the "Interface by WhenHub" App (by example in the Google Play Store)
- login with the above created password and email and wait some time untill your airdrop tokens are in your wallet: but you need so save your Wallets passwords - dont forget this !
- You will get WHEN-Tokens, that can not transfered to an Etheradress. They can only be used in the APP.
OPU Oou Labs (Website) ref link X
OPU Airdrop Info:
regsiter at https://opu.ai/signup/DQGsNzbA2500
after email confirmation and login to dashboard, scroll down and click to airdrop and follow instructions
(maybe on this site is too much traffic - i could not fullfill the tasks - so this airdrop is maybe not good!)
WeStart (Website) X
LDX Loandex (Website) ref link X
LDX Airdrop Info:
register at: https://www.loandex.co/referral/andreas888
follow bot instructions: https://t.me/LoandexAirdropBot?start=406469249
CPS Coinpayments (Website) X
FENIX Fenix (Website) X
DANK Dank Signals (Website) X
DTC DateCoin (Website) ref link X
DTC Airdrop Info:
- join https://t.me/datecoin
- start this bot http://t.me/Get_dtc_bot?start=406469249
additionaly you can get a ref link for the ICO:
EPN Epiphany (Website) X
PATO Profede Professional Protocol (Website) X
such SuchApp (Website) ref link X
such Airdrop Info:
register at http://vy.tc/fILh791 and follow instructions
DENX DenXai (Website) X
ACM GCOX (Website) X
TNG Tradingene (Website) X
KNDC KanadeCoin (Website) X
ADZ ADZbuzz (Website) ref link X
ADZ Airdrop Info:
you will get an airdrop amount every day by logging in and claiming tokens
Main: https://production.adzbuzz.com/go?r=a1GA78Qm1
Forum: https://production.adzbuzz.com/go?r=a1GA78Qm1&lp=forum
RVX Revolux (Website) X
WDX Worldex (Website) X
BBK Brickblock (Website) X
XRR XchangeRate (Website) X
WU WULET (Website) X
MDTK MD Token (Website) X
GAM GrabAMeal (Website) X
XAC AcuteCoin (Website) X
WIZE WizeBit (Website) X
NBOX Unboxed (Website) ref link X
NBOX Airdrop Info:
sign up here: https://unboxed.network/r/84e77a
- log in and click on Airdrop, and you will see the possible actions to earn Influence points.
HUB Hubtrex (Website) X
BIRD Birdchain (Website) X
URBIT Urbit (Website) X
EO EOtrade (Website) X
ANGEL Crowd for Angels (Website) X
MEX Mex (Website) X
BSCH BitSchool (Website) X
DIREC Direct Home (Website) X
GIF GIF by SOCIFI (Website) X
KLT Kelta (Website) X
CRD Cryde (Website) X
ETI elnc (Website) X
KWATT 4New (Website) X
COB Cobinhood (Website) X
XCM CoinMetro (Website) X
PAKKA NextPakk (Website) X
BKK Brickblock (Website) X
XMC Mingocoin (Website) X
ANY Anything APP (Website) X
KEP Kepler (Website) X
INV Investa (Website) X
BBK Block Broker (Website) X
OLXA OLXA Coin (Website) X
LNT Liberty Lance (Website) X
HT Huobi token (Website) X
MND Moneda (Website) X
GTA Gagapay (Website) X
CCRB CryptoCarbon (Website) X
SCC StockChain (Website) X
BET Betcoin (Website) X
MANNA Manna (Website) X
SANC Sancoj (Website) X
IAG Iagon (Website) X
Pro P Propay (Website) X
VAI VIOLA (Website) X
ENTRY Entry Money (Website) X X
VIU Viuly (Website) X
MDX Modex (Website) X
SVD Savedroid (Website) X
CRV Crowdvilla (Website) X
CEEK Ceek (Website) X
SGN Signals (Website) X
DOCK dock.io (Website) X
VIEW Viewly (Website) X
TEU cubits (Website) X
GLA Gladius (Website) X
GMC GMChain (Website) X
FAN FAN Token (Website) X
CXS Crestonium (Website) X
QUASH Qryptos (Website) X

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