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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
FTX FintruX (Website)
FUCK FuckToken (Website)
FUEL Etherparty (Website)
FUN FunFair (Website)
FUNC FUNCoin (Website)
FUNK The Cypherfunks
FUTC FutCoin (Website)
FUZZ FuzzBalls (Website)
FXE FuturXe (Website)
FXT FuzeX (Website)
FYN FundYourselfNow (Website)
FYP FlypMe (Website)
G3N G3N (Website)
GAC GladAge (Website)
GAC Cryptohit (Website)
GAIA GAIA (Website)
GAM Gambit (Website)
GAM GrabAMeal (Website) X
GAME GameCredits (Website)
GAP Gapcoin (Website)
GARY President Johnson (Website)
GAS Gas (Website)
GAT Gatcoin (Website)
GAT GatCoin (Website)
GAT GatCoin (Website)
GAY GAY Money (Website)
GB GoldBlocks (Website)
GBC GBCGoldCoin (Website)
GBG Golos Gold (Website)
GBRC Global Busine Revolution (Website)
GBT GameBet Coin (Website)
GBT Globatalent (Website)
GBX GoByte (Website)
GBX Globitex (Website)
GBYTE Byteball Bytes (Website)
GCC TheGCCcoin (Website)
GCC GuccioneCoin (Website)
GCN GCN Coin (Website)
GCR Global Currency Reserve (Website)
GCS GameChain System (Website)
GDC GrandCoin
GEERT GeertCoin
GEM Gems (Website)
GEN DAOstack (Website)
GEN Genexi (Website)
GEO GeoCoin (Website)
GES Genesis (Website)
GESE GESE (Website)
GET GET Protocol (Website)
GET GUTS Tickets (Website)
GET Themis (Website)
GETX Guaranteed Ethurance Token Extra
GEX GreenX (Website)
GGC Global Generation Chain (Website)
GID Gid Coin (Website) X
GID Airdrop Info:
join https://t.me/gidcoinnews
join https://t.me/gidcoin
follow https://twitter.com/gid_coin
go to https://gidcoin.io/airdrop scroll down. click on airdrop and fill in the form
GIF GIF by SOCIFI (Website) X
GIFT Giftcoin (Website)
GIM Gimli (Website)
GJC Global Jobcoin (Website)
GLA Gladius (Website) X
GLC GlobalCoin (Website)
GLD GoldCoin (Website)
GLDR War Field (Website)
GLS GlassCoin (Website)
GLT GlobalToken (Website)
GLX Gledos (Website)
GMB GAMB (Website)
GMC GMChain (Website) X
GML GameLeagueCoin (Website)
GMR Gimmer (Website)
GMT Mercury Protocol (Website)
GMX GoldMaxCoin (Website)
GNO Gnosis (Website)
GNT Golem (Website)
GNX Genaro Network (Website)
GOD Bitcoin God (Website)
GOLF Golfcoin (Website)
GOLOS Golos (Website)
GOOD Goodomy (Website)
GOT GoNetwork (Website)
GP GoldPieces (Website)
GPL Gold Pressed Latinum (Website)
GPU GPU Coin (Website)
GPX ParcelX
GRAIN Grain (Website)
GRAIN Grain (Website)
GRAM Telegram (TON)
GRAT Gratz (Website) ref link
GRAT Airdrop Info:
- register at https://gratz.io/register?aff_id=41f165d505b46a893468ea69ceb49b70
- go to https://gratz.io/airdrop
GRC GridCoin (Website)
GRE Greencoin (Website)
GREE Greenish (Website)
GREM Global REIT (Website)
GRFT Graft
GRID Grid+ (Website)
GRIM Grimcoin (Website)
GRLC Garlicoin (Website)
GRMD GreenMed
GRN Granite (Website)
GRPT Greepoly (Website)

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