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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
FNC FinCoin (Website)
FIN Finom (Website)
FTX FintruX (Website)
FIRE Firecoin
FFC FireFlyCoin
BIT First Bitcoin (Website)
BITCF First Bitcoin Capital (Website)
1ST FirstBlood (Website)
FRST FirstCoin (Website)
FLAP FlappyCoin (Website)
FLASH Flash (Website)
FLVR FlavorCoin (Website)
FLAX Flaxscript (Website)
FLIK FLiK (Website)
FNP FlipNpik (Website)
FLIXX Flixxo (Website)
FLO FlorinCoin (Website)
FLT FlutterCoin (Website)
FLUZ Fluz Fluz (Website)
FLZ Fluzcoin (Website)
FFC FluzFluz (Website) ref link
FFC Airdrop Info:
go to this bot https://t.me/FluzFluzAirdropBot?start=572289219f and follow instructions
FFC FlyCare (Website)
FLY Flycoin
FYP FlypMe (Website)
FOAM Protocol (Website)
FLDC FoldingCoin (Website)
FONZ Fonziecoin
XFT Footy Cash (Website)
FOR FORCE (Website)
FKX FortKnoxster (Website)
FKX FortKnoxster (Website)
FOTA Fortuna (Website)
FR8 Fr8 Network (Website)
FRN Francs (Website)
FRK Franko (Website)
FRWC FrankyWillCoin
FRC Freicoin (Website)
FDZ Friendz (Website)
FRUCTUS Fructus (Website)
FUCK FuckToken (Website)
FC2 FuelCoin (Website)
FJC FujiCoin (Website)
NTO Fujinto (Website)
FUNC FUNCoin (Website)
FND FundRequest (Website)
FYN FundYourselfNow (Website)
FUN FunFair (Website)
ATON Further Network (Website) X
FSN Fusion (Website)
FUTC FutCoin (Website)
FXE FuturXe (Website)
FXT FuzeX (Website)
FUZZ FuzzBalls (Website)
G3N G3N (Website)
GTA Gagapay (Website) X
GAIA GAIA (Website)
ORE Galactrum (Website)
GMB GAMB (Website)
GAM Gambit (Website)
GTC Game.com (Website)
GBT GameBet Coin (Website)
GCS GameChain System (Website)
GAME GameCredits (Website)
FLP Gameflip (Website)
GML GameLeagueCoin (Website)
UNITS GameUnits (Website)
MRJA GanjaCoin
GAP Gapcoin (Website)
GRLC Garlicoin (Website)
GAS Gas (Website)
GAT Gatcoin (Website)
GAT GatCoin (Website)
GAT GatCoin (Website)
GAY GAY Money (Website)
GBC GBCGoldCoin (Website)
GCN GCN Coin (Website)
ACM GCOX (Website) ref link X
ACM Airdrop Info:
airdrop 2:
go to https://www.airdropalert.com/join/GCOX/a4f92e04-2ce4-3f9a-91db-1c36e7fb2534 and follow instructions

airdrop 1:
register at: https://acm.gcox.com/referrals/sign_up/60471d112bcebf819a1f0f041cd8e86f
follow inscructions of bot: http://telegram.me/GCOX_bountybot/?start=Andreas_Rebmann
GEERT GeertCoin
GEM Gems (Website)
GNX Genaro Network (Website)
GES Genesis (Website)
GVT Genesis Vision (Website)
GEN Genexi (Website)
GEO GeoCoin (Website)
GESE GESE (Website)
GET GET Protocol (Website)
GSR GeyserCoin (Website)
GID Gid Coin (Website) X
GID Airdrop Info:
join https://t.me/gidcoinnews
join https://t.me/gidcoin
follow https://twitter.com/gid_coin
go to https://gidcoin.io/airdrop scroll down. click on airdrop and fill in the form
GIF GIF by SOCIFI (Website) X
GIFT Giftcoin (Website)
GTO Gifto (Website)
GTO GIFTO (Website)
WTT Giga Watt Token (Website)
GIM Gimli (Website)
GMR Gimmer (Website)
GAC GladAge (Website)
GLA Gladius (Website) X

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