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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
ONG onG.social (Website)
1337 1337 (Website)
QVT Qvolta (Website)
XBC Bitcoin Plus (Website)
PLAY HEROcoin (Website)
GLD GoldCoin (Website)
XTO Tao (Website)
AMM MicroMoney (Website)
REX REX (Website)
XGOX XGOX (Website)
MTNC Masternodecoin (Website)
ZNY Bitzeny (Website)
UFO UFO Coin (Website)
BRX Breakout Stake (Website)
RIC Riecoin (Website)
ALT Altcoin (Website)
DAI Dai (Website)
SCL Social (Website)
USNBT NuBits (Website)
BUZZ BuzzCoin (Website)
ITNS IntenseCoin (Website)
TOA ToaCoin (Website)
EXCL ExclusiveCoin (Website)
BBT BitBoost (Website)
SSS Sharechain (Website)
UNI Universe (Website)
2GIVE 2GIVE (Website)
SMLY SmileyCoin (Website)
MAG Magnet (Website)
BPL Blockpool (Website)
REAL REAL (Website)
ERC EuropeCoin (Website)
VTR vTorrent (Website)
HOLD Interstellar Holdings (Website)
PDC Project Decorum (Website)
BON Bonpay (Website)
CPAY Cryptopay (Website)
TKS Tokes (Website)
VIVO VIVO (Website)
NOTE DNotes (Website)
CREA Creativecoin (Website)
RUP Rupee (Website)
SXC Sexcoin (Website)
ZRC ZrCoin (Website)
DYN Dynamic (Website)
AHT Bowhead (Website)
ZEPH Zephyr (Website)
CHC ChainCoin (Website)
ERO Eroscoin
PRIX Privatix (Website)
START Startcoin (Website)
TRUST TrustPlus (Website)
FRD Farad (Website)
ZER Zero (Website)
INXT Internxt (Website)
NKA IncaKoin (Website)
KRB Karbo (Website)
PYLNT Pylon Network (Website)
FLIK FLiK (Website)
VSL vSlice (Website)
WAND WandX (Website)
XMG Magi (Website)
STA Starta (Website)
SMART SmartBillions (Website)
PUT PutinCoin (Website)
TRC Terracoin (Website)
MONK Monkey Project (Website)
EGC EverGreenCoin (Website)
NOBL NobleCoin (Website)
DNR Denarius (Website)
MCAP MCAP (Website)
ADL Adelphoi (Website)
MXT MarteXcoin (Website)
PURE Pure (Website)
MBRS Embers (Website)
EQT EquiTrader (Website)
ANC Anoncoin (Website)
HWC HollyWoodCoin (Website)
TRCT Tracto (Website)
EBST eBoost (Website)
GCN GCN Coin (Website)
EFL e-Gulden (Website)
QRK Quark (Website)
TES TeslaCoin (Website)
PKB ParkByte (Website)
ELLA Ellaism (Website)
ERC20 ERC20 (Website)
ETBS Ethbits (Website)
EFYT Ergo (Website)
HUC HunterCoin (Website)
BLU BlueCoin (Website)
GRE Greencoin (Website)
ZEIT Zeitcoin (Website)
APX APX (Website)
CNT Centurion (Website)
MOIN Moin (Website)

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