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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
GLS GlassCoin (Website)
GLX Gledos (Website)
GBRC Global Busine Revolution (Website)
GCR Global Currency Reserve (Website)
GGC Global Generation Chain (Website)
GJC Global Jobcoin (Website)
GREM Global REIT (Website)
GTC Global Tour Coin (Website)
BSTY GlobalBoost-Y (Website)
GLC GlobalCoin (Website)
GLT GlobalToken (Website)
GBT Globatalent (Website)
GBX Globitex (Website)
GMC GMChain (Website) X
GNO Gnosis (Website)
GBX GoByte (Website)
GPL Gold Pressed Latinum (Website)
GRX GOLD Reward Token (Website)
GB GoldBlocks (Website)
GLD GoldCoin (Website)
PGCT Golden Currency (Website)
GMX GoldMaxCoin (Website)
MNTP GoldMint
GP GoldPieces (Website)
XGR GoldReserve (Website)
GUC GoldUnionCoin (Website)
GNT Golem (Website)
GOLF Golfcoin (Website)
GOLOS Golos (Website)
GBG Golos Gold (Website)
GOT GoNetwork (Website)
GOOD Goodomy (Website)
GPU GPU Coin (Website)
GAM GrabAMeal (Website) X
GRFT Graft
GRAIN Grain (Website)
GRAIN Grain (Website)
GDC GrandCoin
GRN Granite (Website)
GRT Grantcoin (Website)
GRAT Gratz (Website) ref link
GRAT Airdrop Info:
- register at https://gratz.io/register?aff_id=41f165d505b46a893468ea69ceb49b70
- go to https://gratz.io/airdrop
GRE Greencoin (Website)
GREE Greenish (Website)
GRMD GreenMed
GEX GreenX (Website)
GRPT Greepoly (Website)
GRID Grid+ (Website)
GRC GridCoin (Website)
GRIM Grimcoin (Website)
GRS Groestlcoin (Website)
GRWI Growers International (Website)
GETX Guaranteed Ethurance Token Extra
GCC GuccioneCoin (Website)
NLG Gulden (Website)
GUN Guncoin (Website)
GET GUTS Tickets (Website)
GXS GXShares (Website)
HBB Habibicoin (Website) X
HBB Airdrop Info:
Join: https://t.me/HabibiCoinIO
Follow: https://twitter.com/HabibiCoinIO
Like our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HabibiCoinIO
fill in the airdrop form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdOUTxIdKIenKBxsF07Xsx7OcRxVDf7t7xhtxJ-KN5KFNq6FA/viewform?entry.1921858066=@Andreas_Rebmann1

there is an additional way to get HBB: https://habibicoin.io/youtube/
or: https://habibicoin.io/airdrop/
HKN Hacken (Website)
HAC Hackspace Capital (Website)
HADE Hade (Website)
HLC HalalChain
HAL Halcyon (Website)
HALLO Halloween Coin
HCC Happy Creator Coin (Website)
HPC Happycoin (Website)
HMC HarmonyCoin (Website)
HC Harvest Masternode Coin (Website)
HSHC HashCard (Website)
LUHN Hashrental mining system (Website)
XHV Haven Protocol
Havven Havven (Website)
HAV Havven
HAV Havven (Website)
HAT Hawala.Today (Website)
DAC Hdac (Website)
HLTH Health Nexus (Website)
WORM HealthyWormCoin (Website)
HEAT HEAT (Website)
Hedera Hashgraph (Website)
Hedera Hashgraph (Website)
HDG Hedge (Website)
HBZ Helbiz (Website)
HNC Helleniccoin (Website)
HGT HelloGold (Website)
THC HempCoin (Website)
HMP HempCoin (Website)
HERO HERO Token (Website)
HERO HERO Token (Website)
PLAY HEROcoin (Website)
HRO HEROIC (Website)
HXX Hexx (Website)
XHI HiCoin (Website)
HIGH High Gain (Website)
HPB High Performance Blockchain (Website)
HVCO High Voltage (Website)
HIRE HireMatch
HTC HitCoin (Website)
HVN Hive (Website)

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