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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
MRT Miners Reward Token (Website)
ROC Rasputin Online Coin (Website)
MBI Monster Byte (Website)
CFD Confido (Website)
BIGUP BigUp (Website)
ENT Eternity (Website)
UTC UltraCoin (Website)
GUN Guncoin (Website)
BITS Bitstar (Website)
MDC Madcoin (Website)
ETG Ethereum Gold (Website)
CJ Cryptojacks (Website)
DEM Deutsche eMark (Website)
ERY Eryllium (Website)
MAC Machinecoin (Website)
MNE Minereum (Website)
CPC Capricoin (Website)
SMC SmartCoin (Website)
FC2 FuelCoin (Website)
XPD PetroDollar (Website)
VIDZ PureVidz (Website)
TROLL Trollcoin (Website)
VISIO Visio (Website)
BTQ BitQuark (Website)
HBN HoboNickels (Website)
FUNC FUNCoin (Website)
SUR Suretly (Website)
BTCR Bitcurrency
FCN Fantomcoin (Website)
NYAN Nyancoin (Website)
EBCH eBitcoinCash (Website)
ATOM Atomic Coin (Website)
BTCRED Bitcoin Red (Website)
DFS DFSCoin (Website)
OTX Octanox (Website)
TRI Triangles (Website)
BUCKS SwagBucks
UNIC UniCoin (Website)
NEWB Newbium (Website)
KURT Kurrent (Website)
IETH iEthereum (Website)
BTWTY Bit20 (Website)
OPAL Opal (Website)
XBL Billionaire Token (Website)
XJO Joulecoin (Website)
GB GoldBlocks (Website)
TKR CryptoInsight (Website)
DAXX DaxxCoin (Website)
XCXT CoinonatX (Website)
808 808Coin (Website)
NETKO Netko (Website)
TRUMP TrumpCoin (Website)
SAGA SagaCoin (Website)
AMS AmsterdamCoin (Website)
BRIT BritCoin (Website)
RLT RouletteToken (Website)
MAX MaxCoin (Website)
RBT Rimbit (Website)
HPC Happycoin (Website)
WHL WhaleCoin (Website)
SUPER SuperCoin (Website)
ARI Aricoin (Website)
TIT Titcoin (Website)
CNO Coin(O) (Website)
WTT Giga Watt Token (Website)
XPTX PlatinumBAR (Website)
CCT Crystal Clear (Website)
ACC AdCoin (Website)
GRIM Grimcoin (Website)
LTB LiteBar (Website)
BXT BitTokens (Website)
888 OctoCoin (Website)
PAK Pakcoin (Website)
MOTO Motocoin (Website)
TRK Truckcoin (Website)
NUKO Nekonium (Website)
EL Elcoin (Website)
DSH Dashcoin (Website)
NTO Fujinto (Website)
SGR Sugar Exchange (Website)
XCT C-Bit (Website)
HAT Hawala.Today (Website)
PXC Phoenixcoin (Website)
KUSH KushCoin (Website)
XHI HiCoin (Website)
CCO Ccore (Website)
PCOIN Pioneer Coin (Website)
SIGT Signatum (Website)
SDRN Senderon (Website)
POS PoSToken (Website)
SLG Sterlingcoin (Website)
DDF DigitalDevelopersFund (Website)
AMMO Ammo Reloaded (Website)
CRAVE Crave (Website)
MOJO MojoCoin (Website)
XIOS Xios (Website)
RED RedCoin (Website)
METAL MetalCoin (Website)
ETHD Ethereum Dark (Website)

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