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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
LTH LAthaan (Website)
LUHN Hashrental mining system (Website)
LUK Luckchemy (Website)
LUN Lunyr (Website)
LUNA Luna Coin (Website)
LUX LUXCoin (Website)
LVPS LevoPlus (Website)
LXC Alluxe (Website) X
LXC Airdrop Info:
join https://t.me/alluxe
post proof of authentificatioon here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4507742.new#new
fill in: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfDlF_uG2dK62dHIEVFEVk9fznXSiFDMeUclJ1YXsp64iDcGQ/viewform
LXT Lexit (Website) X
LXT Airdrop Info:
go to this airdrop form https://www.lexit.co/bounty-airdrop and follow instructions
LYK Loyakk (Website)
LYM Lympo (Website)
MAC Machinecoin (Website)
MAD SatoshiMadness
MAD MAD Network (Website)
MAG Magnet (Website)
MAG Maggie (Website)
MAGE MagicCoin (Website)
MAGN Magnetcoin (Website)
MAID MaidSafeCoin (Website)
MAN Matrix AI Network (Website)
MAN MatrixChain (Website)
MANA Decentraland (Website)
MANNA Manna (Website) X
MAO Mao Zedong
MAR Marijuanacoin (Website)
MARS Marscoin (Website)
MARX MarxCoin (Website)
MASP Market Space (Website)
MAT MiniApps (Website)
MAX MaxCoin (Website)
MAY Theresa May Coin (Website)
MBI Monster Byte (Website)
MBL MobileCash (Website)
MBRS Embers (Website)
MCAP MCAP (Website)
MCI Musiconomi (Website)
MCN ONEm mCoin (Website)
MCO Monaco (Website)
MCR Macro (Website)
MDA Moeda Loyalty Points (Website)
MDC Madcoin (Website)
MDS MediShares (Website)
MDT Measurable Data Token (Website)
MDTK MD Token (Website) X
MDX Modex (Website) X
MEC Megacoin (Website)
MED MediBloc (Website)
MEDIC MedicCoin
MEE CoinMeet (Website)
MEET CoinMeet
MEME Memetic / PepeCoin (Website)
MEN PeopleCoin (Website)
MER Mercury (Website)
MESH RightMesh (Website)
MESH MeshBox (Website)
MESH MBYS (Website)
MET Miner Edge (Website) X
METAL MetalCoin (Website)
METM MetaMorph (Website)
MEX Mex (Website) X
MFG SyncFab (Website)
MFG SyncFab (Website)
MFL McFly (Website)
MFT Mainframe (Website)
MFX MFChain (Website)
MGC MergeCoin (Website)
MGM Magnum (Website)
MGO MobileGo (Website)
MHC MetaHash (Website) ref link
MHC Airdrop Info:
go to https://t.me/MetahashAirdropbot?start=Andreas_Rebmann1 an dfollow instructions
MIBO meBoodle (Website)
MIC Dench Music (Website)
Mii Mensarii (Website)
MILC Mico Licensing Coin (Website) ref link
MILC Airdrop Info:
go to this bot: https://t.me/MilcAirdropBot?start=572289219 and follow instructions
MILO MiloCoin (Website)
MINEX Minex (Website)
MINT Mintcoin (Website)
MIO Minerone (Website) X
MIOTA IOTA (Website)
MIRO Mirocana (Website)
MITH Mithril
MKR Maker (Website)
MLM MktCoin
MLN Melon (Website)
MNC Mincoin (Website)
MND MindCoin (Website)
MND Moneda (Website) X
MNE Minereum (Website)
MNM Mineum (Website)
MNTP GoldMint
MNX MinexCoin (Website)
MOAC MOAC (Website)
MOBI Mobius (Website)
MOBU Mobu (Website)
MOD Modum (Website)
MOF Molecular Future (Website)
MOIN Moin (Website)
MOJO MojoCoin (Website)
MONA MonaCoin (Website)

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