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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
LOT MediLOT (Website)
MDS MediShares (Website)
MEC Megacoin (Website)
MLN Melon (Website)
MEME Memetic / PepeCoin (Website)
Mii Mensarii (Website)
MVP Merculet (Website)
MER Mercury (Website)
GMT Mercury Protocol (Website)
MGC MergeCoin (Website)
MESH MeshBox (Website)
MHC MetaHash (Website) ref link
MHC Airdrop Info:
go to https://t.me/MetahashAirdropbot?start=Andreas_Rebmann1 an dfollow instructions
MTL Metal (Website)
MTLMC3 Metal Music Coin (Website)
METAL MetalCoin (Website)
METM MetaMorph (Website)
ETP Metaverse ETP (Website)
MTN Metronome (Website)
MVU MEVU (Website)
MEX Mex (Website) X
MFX MFChain (Website)
MILC Mico Licensing Coin (Website) ref link
MILC Airdrop Info:
go to this bot: https://t.me/MilcAirdropBot?start=572289219 and follow instructions
AMM MicroMoney (Website)
MILO MiloCoin (Website)
MNC Mincoin (Website)
MND MindCoin (Website)
MET Miner Edge (Website) X
MNE Minereum (Website)
MIO Minerone (Website) X
MRT Miners Reward Token (Website)
OWL Minerva (Website)
MNM Mineum (Website)
MINEX Minex (Website)
MNX MinexCoin (Website)
XMC Mingocoin (Website) X
MAT MiniApps (Website)
MINT Mintcoin (Website)
TELE Miracletele (Website) ref link
TELE Airdrop Info:
register at https://miracletele.com/?friend=09868e6702e97c and follow instructions in dashboard
MIRO Mirocana (Website)
MITH Mithril
XIN Mixin (Website)
MLM MktCoin
MOAC MOAC (Website)
MBL MobileCash (Website)
MGO MobileGo (Website)
MOBI Mobius (Website)
MOBU Mobu (Website)
MDX Modex (Website) X
MOD Modum (Website)
MDA Moeda Loyalty Points (Website)
MOIN Moin (Website)
MOJO MojoCoin (Website)
MOF Molecular Future (Website)
MCO Monaco (Website)
MONA MonaCoin (Website)
MND Moneda (Website) X
XMR Monero (Website)
XMRG Monero Gold
XMO Monero Original
MONETA Moneta (Website)
MUE MonetaryUnit (Website)
MTH Monetha (Website)
$$$ Money (Website)
MONEY MoneyCoin (Website)
IMT Moneytoken (Website)
MONK Monkey Project (Website)
XMCC Monoeci (Website)
MBI Monster Byte (Website)
MOOLYA moolya (Website)
MOON Mooncoin (Website)
MOOT MooToken (Website)
MORPH Morpheus Network (Website)
MZX mosaic (Website)
MSP Mothership (Website)
MOTO Motocoin (Website)
MOV Moveco
SPEND MoxyOne (Website)
MSD MSD (Website)
MUSIC Musicoin (Website)
MCI Musiconomi (Website)
MST MustangCoin (Website)
IDOL My Idol Coin
MYB MyBit Token (Website)
XMY Myriad (Website)
MYST Mysterium (Website)
WISH MyWish (Website)
NGC NAGA (Website)
NGC Naga (Website)
NGC Naga (Website)
NMH Namahe (Website)
NMC Namecoin (Website)
NAMO NamoCoin (Website)
NPX NaPoleonX (Website)
NRV Narrative network (Website)

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