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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
UAHPAY UAHPay (Website)
RUBIT RubleBit (Website)
DMC DynamicCoin (Website)
TODAY TodayCoin
BLAZR BlazerCoin (Website)
IRL IrishCoin (Website)
FONZ Fonziecoin
EUSD eUSD (Website)
SAK Sharkcoin (Website)
BTCM BTCMoon (Website)
VULC Vulcano (Website)
INDIA India Coin (Website)
BSN Bastonet (Website)
HNC Huncoin (Website)
MARX MarxCoin (Website)
BIRDS Birds (Website)
SCT Soma (Website)
UR UR (Website)
PRES President Trump (Website)
SKULL Pirate Blocks
CMP Compcoin (Website)
MEN PeopleCoin (Website)
BITOK Bitok (Website)
GAY GAY Money (Website)
NTC Natcoin (Website)
SWP Swapcoin (Website)
HIGH High Gain (Website)
RCN Rcoin (Website)
HDLB HODL Bucks (Website)
DUTCH Dutch Coin (Website)
BTBc Bitbase (Website)
RBBT RabbitCoin (Website)
ACN Avoncoin (Website)
COR CORION (Website)
XQN Quotient
PAYP PayPeer (Website)
MINEX Minex (Website)
CHEAP Cheapcoin
BEST BestChain (Website)
TURBO TurboCoin (Website)
TOPAZ Topaz Coin
EGOLD eGold (Website)
APC AlpaCoin (Website)
TESLA TeslaCoilCoin (Website)
FBL Faceblock
DISK DarkLisk
DON Donationcoin (Website)
XOT Internet of Things (Website)
BLX Blockchain Index (Website)
TRIA Triaconta (Website)
MONEY MoneyCoin (Website)
GARY President Johnson (Website)
WA WA Space (Website)
MONETA Moneta (Website)
RYZ ANRYZE (Website)
ANTX Antimatter
PDG PinkDog (Website)
QORA Qora (Website)
ASN Aseancoin (Website)
HYTV Hyper TV (Website)
PRIMU Primulon (Website)
OPES Opescoin
HALLO Halloween Coin
BTC2X Bitcoin2x (Website)
EBIT eBIT (Website)
RUNNERS Runners (Website)
X2 X2
OMC Omicron (Website)
XVE The Vegan Initiative
MAGN Magnetcoin (Website)
TERA TeraCoin (Website)
CYC Cycling Coin
DBG Digital Bullion Gold (Website)
AXIOM Axiom (Website)
AV AvatarCoin
EGG EggCoin
MBL MobileCash (Website)
TCR TheCreed (Website)
STEX STEX (Website)
CC CyberCoin (Website)
VOYA Voyacoin
BUB Bubble
LKC LinkedCoin (Website)
IPY Infinity Pay (Website)
XAU Xaucoin
10MT 10M Token (Website)
POKE PokeCoin
CME Cashme
SHELL ShellCoin (Website)
FC Facecoin (Website)
PCS Pabyosi Coin Special (Website)
ROYAL RoyalCoin
ELTC2 eLTC (Website)
LAZ Lazaruscoin (Website)
DUB Dubstep
CBD CBD Crystals
SPORT SportsCoin (Website)

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