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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
RPX Red Pulse (Website)
RSGP RSGPcoin (Website)
RUBIT RubleBit (Website)
RUBY Rubius (Website)
RUNNERS Runners (Website)
RUP Rupee (Website)
RUPX Rupaya (Website)
RUSTBITS Rustbits (Website)
RVN Ravencoin
RVR RevolutionVR
RVT Rivetz (Website)
RVX Revolux (Website) X
RWRD Rewards (Website) X
RYZ ANRYZE (Website)
RYZ Anryze (Website)
RYZ Anryze (Website)
SAC SACoin (Website)
SAC Sac Chain (Website)
SAFEX Safe Exchange Coin (Website)
SAGA SagaCoin (Website)
SAK Sharkcoin (Website)
SALT SALT (Website)
SAM Swiss Alps Mining & Energy (Website)
SAN Santiment Network (Website)
SANC Sancoj (Website) X
SANDG Save and Gain (Website)
SAT Sandblock (Website)
SAX Standix (Website)
SAY SpherePay
SBC StrikeBitClub (Website)
SBD Steem Dollars (Website)
SBTC Super Bitcoin (Website)
SC Siacoin (Website)
SCC StockChain (Website) X
SCI Science (Website)
SCL Social (Website)
SCORE Scorecoin (Website)
SCRT SecretCoin (Website)
SCS Speedcash (Website)
SCT Soma (Website)
SCX Swachhcoin (Website)
SDA SDChain (Website)
SDA PreVUE (Website)
SDC ShadowCash (Website)
SDP SydPak (Website)
SDRN Senderon (Website)
SDT Soundeon (Website)
SDT WeSend (Website)
SDX SciDex (Website)
SEC Seeker
SEDA SEDA (Website)
SEED Superbloom (Website) ref link
SEED Airdrop Info:
register at https://app.superbloom.com/invite/300a8342-4097-458a-bf2b-90b921ddbe89 and follow instructions
Seele Seele (Website)
SEHR SSOT (Website) X
SEN Consensus (Website)
SENC Sentinel Chain (Website)
SEND Social Send (Website)
SENNO Senno (Website)
SENSE Sense (Website)
SENT Sentinel
SEQ Sequence (Website)
SET Setteo (Website)
SETH Sether
SEXC ShareX (Website)
SFC Solarflarecoin (Website)
SFE SafeCoin
SG SocialGood (Website) ref link X
SG Airdrop Info:
go to https://socialgood-foundation.com/airdroplanding?ref=ea5882944a195f3d and click on sign up
after Login, follow instructions
SGC SudanGold (Website)
SGN Signals (Website) X
SGO Selfie Go (Website)
SGR Sugar Exchange (Website)
SH Shilling (Website)
SHA SHACoin (Website)
Sharder Sharder
SHB Shopiblock (Website) X
SHDW Shadow Token (Website)
SHELL ShellCoin (Website)
SHIFT Shift (Website)
SHIP Shipchain (Website)
SHND StrongHands (Website)
SHORTY Shorty (Website)
SHOW Show (Website)
SHP Sharpe Capital (Website)
SHPT Shipit (Website) ref link
SHPT Airdrop Info:
go to bot https://t.me/ShipItAirdropBot?start=572289219 and follow instructions
SHR Sharering (Website)
SIB SIBCoin (Website)
SIC Swisscoin (Website)
SIFT Smart Investment Fund Token (Website)
SIG Spectiv (Website)
SIGMA SIGMAcoin (Website)
SIGT Signatum (Website)
SISA SISA (Website)
SIX SIX Network
SJCX Storjcoin X (Website)
SKC Skeincoin (Website)
SKCH Skychain (Website)
SKIN SkinCoin (Website)
SKM Skrumble Network (Website)

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