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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
NBOX Unboxed (Website) ref link X
NBOX Airdrop Info:
sign up here: https://unboxed.network/r/84e77a
- log in and click on Airdrop, and you will see the possible actions to earn Influence points.
DORA Doracash (Website) ref link
BWX Blue Whale (Website) ref link
BWX Airdrop Info:
join this telegram group: https://t.me/bluewhalefdn
and sign up at the refferal program: http://wwwbluewhalefoundation.ref-r.com/c/i/18449/9866254
MOBU Mobu (Website) ref link
MOBU Airdrop Info:
sign up (or log in if you are allready member) at Tokendrops:
Now just connect tokendrops to your telegram, twitter, facebook account - so it will become very easy to take part at the airdrops, that tokendrops supports.
Now you can go through all the airdrops you find in the ongoing-airdrops list.
OCT CandyBox (Website) ref link
BUFF BUFF (Website) ref link
ZETO ZetoChain (Website) ref link
ENTRY Entry Money (Website) X X
TIME Chronobank (Website) ref link
INFX Influxcoin (Website) ref link
ANB Anubis (Website) ref link

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