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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
ANC Anoncoin (Website)
ANGEL Crypto Angel (Website) X
ANGEL Crowd for Angels (Website) X
ANI Animecoin (Website)
ANN XEEDA (Website)
ANT Aragon (Website)
ANTI AntiBitcoin (Website)
ANTX Antimatter
ANX Coinanx (Website)
ANY Anything APP (Website) X
APC AlpaCoin (Website)
APH Aphelion (Website)
APIS Apis (Website)
APL APOLLOchain (Website) X
APL Airdrop Info:
go to bot: https://t.me/apollobounty_bot?start=vcTNnKNoT2WKAvKwsYPhFa
click on Tasks anbd follow instructions
APLC CinemaWell (Website)
APOD Airpod (Website)
APPC AppCoins (Website)
APPC AppCoins (Website)
APW AppleCoin (Website)
APX APX (Website)
AR Arwaeve (Website)
ARAW Araw (Website)
ARC ArcticCoin (Website)
ARCHI ArchiCoin (Website)
ARCO AquariusCoin (Website)
ARCT ArbitrageCT (Website)
ARDR Ardor (Website)
ARG Argentum (Website)
ARGUS Argus (Website)
ARI Aricoin (Website)
ARK Ark (Website)
ARK Akropolis (Website)
ARN Aeron (Website)
ART Maecenas (Website)
ARTX Articlex (Website)
ARY Block Array (Website)
ARY Block.array (Website)
ASAFE2 AllSafe (Website)
ASKT ASKfm (Website)
ASN Aseancoin (Website)
AST AirSwap (Website)
AST Airsave Travel (Website)
ASTRO Astro (Website)
ASTRO Astronaut (Website)
ATB ATBCoin (Website)
ATC Arbitracoin
ÐTH Dether (Website)
ATL ATLANT (Website)
ATLAS PeerAtlas (Website)
ATM ATMChain (Website)
ATMC ATMCoin (Website)
ATMI Atonomi (Website)
ATMS Atmos (Website)
ATN ATN (Website)
ATOM Atomic Coin (Website)
ATON Further Network (Website) X
ATS Authorship (Website)
ATS ARTIS (Website)
ATX Artex Coin (Website)
AU AurumCoin (Website)
AUC Auctus (Website)
AUR Auroracoin (Website)
AURA Aurora DAO (Website)
AV AvatarCoin
AVH Animation Vision Cash
AVINOC AVINOC (Website) ref link X
AVT Aventus (Website)
AWR AWARE (Website)
AXIOM Axiom (Website)
AXP aXpire (Website)
AXS AXenS (Website)
B@ Bankcoin (Website)
B2B B2BX (Website)
B2C BOX2TABLE (Website)
B2X SegWit2x (Website)
BAC BitAlphaCoin (Website)
BAILS Bailsman (Website) ref link
BAILS Airdrop Info:
go to this bot https://t.me/BailsmanAirdropBot?start=572289219 and follow instructions
BANC Banca (Website)
BANX Ubanx (Website)
BAR Titanium Blockchain (Website)
BAS BitAsean (Website)
BASE Equitybase (Website)
BASH LuckChain (Website)
BAT Basic Attention Token (Website)
BAX BABB (Website)
BAX BABB (Website)
BAY BitBay (Website)
BBI BelugaPay
BBK Block Broker (Website) X
BBK Brickblock (Website) X
BBN Banyan Network
BBP BiblePay (Website)
BBR Boolberry (Website)
BBT BitBoost (Website)
BC CryptoIndex ref link
BC Airdrop Info:
go to https://wn.nr/KmyT53 and follow instructions

more BC you will get here: https://wn.nr/vQGMzm
BCA Bitcoin Atom (Website)

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