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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
SSC SelfSell (Website)
SDRN Senderon (Website)
SENNO Senno (Website)
SENSE Sense (Website)
EMOT Sentigraph (Website)
SENT Sentinel
SENC Sentinel Chain (Website)
UPP Sentinel Protocol (Website)
SEQ Sequence (Website)
SETH Sether
SET Setteo (Website)
SXC Sexcoin (Website)
SHA SHACoin (Website)
SHDW Shadow Token (Website)
SDC ShadowCash (Website)
Sharder Sharder
SSS Sharechain (Website)
SHR Sharering (Website)
SEXC ShareX (Website)
SAK Sharkcoin (Website)
SHP Sharpe Capital (Website)
JEW Shekel
SHELL ShellCoin (Website)
XSH SHIELD (Website)
SHIFT Shift (Website)
SH Shilling (Website)
SHIP Shipchain (Website)
SHPT Shipit (Website) ref link
SHPT Airdrop Info:
go to bot https://t.me/ShipItAirdropBot?start=572289219 and follow instructions
OmiX SHIVOM (Website)
SHB Shopiblock (Website) X
SHORTY Shorty (Website)
SHOW Show (Website)
SC Siacoin (Website)
SIB SIBCoin (Website)
SIGMA SIGMAcoin (Website)
SGN Signals (Website) X
SIGT Signatum (Website)
SNTR SilentNotary
OST Simple Token (Website)
SNGLS SingularDTV (Website)
AGI SingularityNET (Website)
SRN Sirin Labs (Website)
SRN SIRIN LABS Token (Website)
SISA SISA (Website)
SIX SIX Network
611 SixEleven (Website)
SKC Skeincoin (Website)
SKIN SkinCoin (Website)
SKM Skrumble Network (Website)
SKCH Skychain (Website)
SKY Skycoin (Website)
SKYF SKYFchain (Website)
SLM Slimcoin
SLOTH Slothcoin
SIFT Smart Investment Fund Token (Website)
SMART SmartBillions (Website)
SMART SmartCash (Website)
SMC SmartCoin (Website)
SLT Smartlands (Website)
SMT SmartMesh (Website)
TASH SmartTrip (Website)
SMLY SmileyCoin (Website)
SNAKE SnakeEyes
SNP Snip (Website)
SNIP SnipCoin
SNOV Snovio (Website)
SOAR Soarcoin (Website)
SCL Social (Website)
SEND Social Send (Website)
SOCC SocialCoin (Website)
SG SocialGood (Website) ref link X
SG Airdrop Info:
go to https://socialgood-foundation.com/airdroplanding?ref=ea5882944a195f3d and click on sign up
after Login, follow instructions
SMT Socialmedia.market (Website)
SOIL SOILcoin (Website)
SOJ Sojourn (Website)
SOL Sola (Website)
SLR SolarCoin (Website)
SFC Solarflarecoin (Website)
XLR Solaris (Website)
CAN Solve.Care (Website)
SCT Soma (Website)
SONG SongCoin (Website)
SNM SONM (Website)
SOON SoonCoin (Website)
SPHTX SophiaTX (Website)
SDT Soundeon (Website)
HERO Sovereign Hero (Website)
Sovrin (Website)
SPC SpaceChain
SPACE SpaceCoin (Website)
SPANK SpankChain (Website)
SPARTA Sparda (Website)
SPK Sparks (Website)
SPARK Sparkster (Website) X
SIG Spectiv (Website)

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