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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
MTN Metronome (Website)
GRAIN Grain (Website)
ACAD Academy (Website)
FDZ Friendz (Website)
SPN Sapien Network (Website)
SENC Sentinel Chain (Website)
CARD Cardstack (Website)
COIN Coinvest (Website)
EFX Effect.ai (Website)
AUC Auctus (Website)
NEX Neonexchange (Website)
Kairos Kairos (Website)
OWL Minerva (Website)
OMT Omega One (Website)
GOT GoNetwork (Website)
VPP Virtue Poker (Website)
ORC Orchid Protocol (Website)
KEEP Keep network (Website)
NKMS NuCypher (Website)
ORIGIN Origin Protocol (Website)
ORBS Orbs (Website)
ATMI Atonomi (Website)
IOTX IoTeX (Website)
Seele Seele (Website)
OPEN Open Platform (Website)
MFT Mainframe (Website)
PLAT BitGuild (Website)
EMX EverMarkets (Website)
ELEC Electrify.Asia (Website)
TFD TE-FOOD (Website)
DOCK dock.io (Website) X
LST Lendroid (Website)
CLN CLN (Website)
CS CREDITS (Website)
ZCHN 0chain (Website)
GEM Gems (Website)
REM REMME (Website)
LIF Winding Tree (Website)
FND FundRequest (Website)
EBC EBCoin (Website)
EXC EximChain (Website)
FSN Fusion (Website)
ÐTH Dether (Website)
INSTAR Insights Network (Website)
RFR Refereum (Website)
CRNC Current (Website)
DXT Datawallet (Website)
ABT ArcBlock (Website)
REN Republic Protocol (Website)
BEE The Bee Token (Website)
FXT FuzeX (Website)
ING iungo (Website)
VIEW Viewly (Website) X
TEU cubits (Website) X
HBZ Helbiz (Website)
REPUX Repux (Website)
BERRY Rentberry (Website)
LYM Lympo (Website)
MFG SyncFab (Website)
NCT PolySwarm (Website)
GMR Gimmer (Website)
CGcoin Crowd Genie (Website)
KODAKCoin KodakOne (Website)
IAM Bridge Protocol (Website)
NPX NaPoleonX (Website)
BNK Bankera (Website)
FTX FintruX (Website)
IGNT Ignite Ratings (Website)
DEB Debitum Network (Website)
WIZ CrowdWiz (Website)
HADE Hade (Website)
AMLT AMLT (Website)
DADI dadi (Website)
STQ Storiqa (Website)
CPX APEX (Website)
EDU LiveEdu (Website)
SHP Sharpe Capital (Website)
nCash Nucleus.Vision (Website)
ELA Elastos (Website)
XNK Ink Protocol (Website)
MWAT Restart Energy (Website)
BLZ Bluzelle (Website)
ZPT Zeepin (Website)
EVN Envion (Website)
BAX BABB (Website)
BOON Boon.Tech (Website)
TKY Thekey.vip (Website)
ADB adbank (Website)
LALA LALA World (Website)
LATX Latium (Website)
POLY Polymath (Website)
FKX FortKnoxster (Website)
HQX HOQU (Website)
Cypher Cypherium (Website)
CHSB SwissBorg (Website)

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