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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
VERI Veritaseum (Website)
VIA Viacoin (Website)
VIB Viberate (Website)
VIBE VIBE (Website)
VIDY Vidy (Website)
VIDZ PureVidz (Website)
VIEW Viewly (Website) X
VIK VIKKY (Website)
VIP VIP Tokens (Website)
VISIO Visio (Website)
VIT Vice Industry Token
VIU Viuly (Website) X
VIV ViValid (Website)
VIVA Viva Network (Website)
VIVO VIVO (Website)
VLC ValueChain
VLD Valid (Website)
VLR Valorem (Website)
VLT Veltor
VLT Contract Vault (Website)
VLTC Vault Coin (Website)
VNX Vaynix (Website)
VOISE Voise (Website)
VOLT Bitvolt (Website)
VOT VoteCoin (Website)
VOTE Agora (Website) X
VOX Voxels (Website)
VOYA Voyacoin
VPP Virtue Poker (Website)
VPRC VapersCoin
VRC VeriCoin (Website)
VRM VeriumReserve (Website)
VRN Vernam (Website) X
VRS Veros (Website)
VSL vSlice (Website)
VSX Vsync (Website)
VTA Virtacoin (Website)
VTC Vertcoin (Website)
VTOS VTOS (Website)
VTR vTorrent (Website)
VUC Virta Unique Coin (Website)
VULC Vulcano (Website)
VXR Versara Trade
VZT Vezt (Website)
W3C W3Coin
WA WA Space (Website)
WAB Wab Network (Website) X
WAB Airdrop Info:
go to bot https://t.me/WAB_airdrop_bot and follow instructions
WABI WaBi (Website)
WAN Wanchain (Website)
WAND WandX (Website)
WARP WARP (Website)
WAVES Waves (Website)
WAX WAX (Website)
WAX WAX (Website)
WAY WayGuide (Website)
WBB Wild Beast Block (Website)
WC WINCOIN (Website)
WCT Waves Community Token (Website)
WCX WCX (Website)
WDC WorldCoin (Website)
WDX Worldex (Website) X
WELL Well (Website)
WETH WETH (Website)
WGD WRIO (Website)
WGD WeGold
WGO WavesGo (Website)
WGR Wagerr (Website)
WHEN WhenHub Interface (Website) X
WHL WhaleCoin (Website)
WIC WaykiChain (Website)
WIC Wi Coin (Website)
WICC WaykiChain
WILD Wild Crypto (Website)
WINGS Wings (Website)
WISH MyWish (Website)
WIZ CrowdWiz (Website)
WIZ CrowdWiz (Website)
WIZE WizeBit (Website) X
WMB WatermelonBlock (Website)
WMC WMCoin (Website)
WMK WeMark (Website)
WOLLO Pigzbe (Website)
WOMEN WomenCoin (Website)
WONO Wono (Website)
WORK Aworker (Website)
WORM HealthyWormCoin (Website)
WOW Wowcoin
WPR WePower (Website)
WPR WePower (Website)
WRC Worldcore (Website)
WRK Workcoin (Website)
WRL Whyral (Website)
WSX WeAreSatoshi (Website)
WT World Wi-Fi (Website)
WTC Walton (Website)
WTC WhiteChain (Website)
WTT Giga Watt Token (Website)
WU WULET (Website) X

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