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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
VISIO Visio (Website)
VIU Viuly (Website) X
VIVA Viva Network (Website)
VIV ViValid (Website)
VIVO VIVO (Website)
VOISE Voise (Website)
VOT VoteCoin (Website)
VOX Voxels (Website)
VOYA Voyacoin
VASH VPNCoin (Website)
VSL vSlice (Website)
VSX Vsync (Website)
VTR vTorrent (Website)
VTOS VTOS (Website)
VULC Vulcano (Website)
W3C W3Coin
WA WA Space (Website)
WAB Wab Network (Website) X
WAB Airdrop Info:
go to bot https://t.me/WAB_airdrop_bot and follow instructions
WABI WaBi (Website)
WGR Wagerr (Website)
DALA Wala (Website)
WTC Walton (Website)
WAN Wanchain (Website)
WAND WandX (Website)
GLDR War Field (Website)
WARP WARP (Website)
DOG Watchdog
WMB WatermelonBlock (Website)
WAVES Waves (Website)
WCT Waves Community Token (Website)
WGO WavesGo (Website)
WAX WAX (Website)
WAX WAX (Website)
WAY WayGuide (Website)
WIC WaykiChain (Website)
WICC WaykiChain
WCX WCX (Website)
WSX WeAreSatoshi (Website)
WGD WeGold
WELL Well (Website)
WMK WeMark (Website)
WPR WePower (Website)
WPR WePower (Website)
SDT WeSend (Website)
WeStart (Website) X
WETH WETH (Website)
TRST WeTrust (Website)
WHL WhaleCoin (Website)
WHEN WhenHub Interface (Website) X
WTC WhiteChain (Website)
XWC WhiteCoin (Website)
WRL Whyral (Website)
WIC Wi Coin (Website)
WBB Wild Beast Block (Website)
WILD Wild Crypto (Website)
WC WINCOIN (Website)
LIF Winding Tree (Website)
WINGS Wings (Website)
WIZE WizeBit (Website) X
WZI Wizzle (Website)
WMC WMCoin (Website)
WOMEN WomenCoin (Website)
WONO Wono (Website)
LOG Woodcoin (Website)
WRK Workcoin (Website)
WT World Wi-Fi (Website)
WDC WorldCoin (Website)
WRC Worldcore (Website)
WDX Worldex (Website) X
WOW Wowcoin
WGD WRIO (Website)
WU WULET (Website) X
XCO X-Coin (Website)
X2 X2
XAU Xaucoin
XAUR Xaurum (Website)
XCEL XcelToken (Website)
XRR XchangeRate (Website) X
XDAC xDAC (Website)
ANN XEEDA (Website)
XENC Xenchain (Website)
XNN Xenon (Website)
GSX XGenomics (Website)
XGOX XGOX (Website)
XDCE XinFin Network
XIOS Xios (Website)
XMCT XMED (Website)
XOC Xonecoin
XPA XPlay (Website)
XRA Xriba (Website)
YAC Yacoin (Website)
YASH YashCoin (Website)
YEE Yee (Website)
YEL Yellow Token (Website)
YTN YENTEN (Website)

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