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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
ADZ ADZbuzz (Website) ref link X
ADZ Airdrop Info:
you will get an airdrop amount every day by logging in and claiming tokens
Main: https://production.adzbuzz.com/go?r=a1GA78Qm1
Forum: https://production.adzbuzz.com/go?r=a1GA78Qm1&lp=forum
TBE Towerbee (Website)
XRA Xriba (Website)
EPG Elepig (Website)
Mii Mensarii (Website)
EET EtherC (Website)
RVX Revolux (Website) X
SSC SelfSell (Website)
DINO Dino (Website)
ARK Akropolis (Website)
LGO Legolas Exchange (Website)
WDX Worldex (Website) X
OMG OmiseGO (Website)
INDI Indicoin (Website)
FRUCTUS Fructus (Website)
HBB Habibicoin (Website) X
HBB Airdrop Info:
Join: https://t.me/HabibiCoinIO
Follow: https://twitter.com/HabibiCoinIO
Like our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HabibiCoinIO
fill in the airdrop form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdOUTxIdKIenKBxsF07Xsx7OcRxVDf7t7xhtxJ-KN5KFNq6FA/viewform

there is an additional way to get HBB: https://habibicoin.io/youtube/
or: https://habibicoin.io/airdrop/
BBK Brickblock (Website) X
XRR XchangeRate (Website) X
BITOX Bitox (Website)
CTB CrypTollBooth (Website)
WU WULET (Website) X
WGD WeGold
BIM BitImage (Website)
MDTK MD Token (Website) X
GAM GrabAMeal (Website) X
APOD Airpod (Website)
WONO Wono (Website)
ETE Ethereumera (Website)
XAC AcuteCoin (Website) X
CLZ CLZ Health (Website)
WIZE WizeBit (Website) X
NBOX Unboxed (Website) ref link X
NBOX Airdrop Info:
sign up here: https://unboxed.network/r/84e77a
- log in and click on Airdrop, and you will see the possible actions to earn Influence points.
FTE Fast Trade Exchange (Website)
GREM Global REIT (Website)
AIM AIMedis (Website)
PATH Path Network (Website)
SQZR Squeezer (Website)
DORA Doracash (Website) ref link
IDOL My Idol Coin
HUB Hubtrex (Website) X
BIRD Birdchain (Website) X
ALE Alehub (Website)
BWX Blue Whale (Website) ref link
BWX Airdrop Info:
join this telegram group: https://t.me/bluewhalefdn
and sign up at the refferal program: http://wwwbluewhalefoundation.ref-r.com/c/i/18449/9866254
ENC EthernetCash (Website)
ICNQ IconiqLab (Website)
ALP Alphacon (Website)
URBIT Urbit (Website) X
KEES Keescoin (Website)
EXY Experty (Website)
AR Arwaeve (Website)
ELY Elysian (Website)
CTXC Cortex (Website)
EO EOtrade (Website) X
CGCX CGCX Exchange (Website)
ANGEL Crowd for Angels (Website) X
VAIR Vimana
TOS Tos (Website)
KCS KuCoin Shares (Website)
ARAW Araw (Website)
EOPT Easy Option (Website)
GREE Greenish (Website)
RBG Rankingball (Website)
PRS PressOne (Website)
PHU Pehucoin (Website)
MEX Mex (Website) X
EMN Eminent (Website)
NTK Neuromation (Website)
GLX Gledos (Website)
OAK Acorn (Website)
BSCH BitSchool (Website) X
SPARTA Sparda (Website)
SVN Svandis (Website)
DIREC Direct Home (Website) X
TOC TokenChanger (Website)
PHT Photochain (Website)
EKO EchoLink (Website)
DBCC Datablockchain (Website)
RGE Rouge (Website)
TIP Tip Blockchain (Website)
REGO Rego (Website)
MFX MFChain (Website)
HSHC HashCard (Website)
CST Cryptosolarenergy (Website)
IMP Impressio (Website)
MOBU Mobu (Website) ref link
MOBU Airdrop Info:
sign up (or log in if you are allready member) at Tokendrops:
Now just connect tokendrops to your telegram, twitter, facebook account - so it will become very easy to take part at the airdrops, that tokendrops supports.
Now you can go through all the airdrops you find in the ongoing-airdrops list.
VIV ViValid (Website)
LIC Ligercoin (Website)
INV Investa (Website)
SPTX SprintX (Website)
BRNZ BrainerZ (Website)
BRV Bravocoin (Website)
BOLTT Bolttcoin (Website)
GIF GIF by SOCIFI (Website) X
XDAC xDAC (Website)
LTB Litrabit (Website)

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