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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
EO EOtrade (Website) X
CGCX CGCX Exchange (Website)
ANGEL Crowd for Angels (Website) X
VAIR Vimana
TOS Tos (Website)
KCS KuCoin Shares (Website)
ARAW Araw (Website)
EOPT Easy Option (Website)
GREE Greenish (Website)
RBG Rankingball (Website)
PRS PressOne (Website)
PHU Pehucoin (Website)
MEX Mex (Website) X
EMN Eminent (Website)
NTK Neuromation (Website)
GLX Gledos (Website)
OAK Acorn (Website)
BSCH BitSchool (Website) X
SPARTA Sparda (Website)
SVN Svandis (Website)
DIREC Direct Home (Website) X
TOC TokenChanger (Website)
PHT Photochain (Website)
EKO EchoLink (Website)
DBCC Datablockchain (Website)
RGE Rouge (Website)
TIP Tip Blockchain (Website)
REGO Rego (Website)
MFX MFChain (Website)
HSHC HashCard (Website)
CST Cryptosolarenergy (Website)
IMP Impressio (Website)
MOBU Mobu (Website)
VIV ViValid (Website)
LIC Ligercoin (Website)
INV Investa (Website)
SPTX SprintX (Website)
BRNZ BrainerZ (Website)
BRV Bravocoin (Website)
BOLTT Bolttcoin (Website)
GIF GIF by SOCIFI (Website) X
XDAC xDAC (Website)
LTB Litrabit (Website)
SUPER Superset
KLT Kelta (Website) X
PERA Payera (Website)
CRE Carry Airdrop Protocol (Website)
XCEL XcelToken (Website)
WCX WCX (Website)
SDT Soundeon (Website)
GET Themis (Website)
BTCC Bitcoin Crown (Website)
QNT Quant (Website)
CRD ICOcreed (Website)
CVT concertVR (Website)
ARTX Articlex (Website)
BTM Bitminutes (Website)
Yodse Yodse (Website)
RUBY Rubius (Website)
BPT Blockport (Website)
WGD WRIO (Website)
ETK EPIC Token (Website)
OCT CandyBox (Website)
NYG Nekoyume (Website)
CFUN CFun (Website)
CGS Coin Governance System (Website)
Sharder Sharder
ESCO Escobar (Website)
CRD Cryde (Website) X
MOT Olympus Labs (Website)
OIO Online (Website)
ETI elnc (Website) X
COTI COTI (Website)
Ni-Jiao Ni-Jiao
WTC WhiteChain (Website)
PTT Proton (Website)
LUK Luckchemy (Website)
WRK Workcoin (Website)
ZuZ Coalichain (Website)
DxC DxChain (Website)
ZIX Zeex (Website)
KWATT 4New (Website) X
TVT Terra Virtua (Website)
CBC CashBet (Website)
COB Cobinhood (Website) X
GAC GladAge (Website)
MOV Moveco
REPO Repo Coin
BUFF BUFF (Website)
CCC Cryptoccino (Website)
TASH SmartTrip (Website)
METM MetaMorph (Website)
XKN Kinekt (Website)
DTA DeepToken (Website)
GEN DAOstack (Website)
DNN DNN Media (Website)

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