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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
CAPP ARToken (Website)
CARBON Carboncoin (Website)
CARD Cardstack (Website)
CAS Cashaa (Website)
CASH Cashcoin (Website)
CASINO Casino (Website)
CAT BitClave (Website)
CAT BlockCAT (Website)
CAT Catcoin (Website)
CBC CashBet (Website)
CBD CBD Crystals
CBR Cloud Blockchain (Website)
CBT CommerceBlock (Website)
CBX Crypto Bullion (Website)
CC CyberCoin (Website)
CCC Cryptoccino (Website)
CCM100 CCMiner (Website)
CCN CannaCoin (Website)
CCO Ccore (Website)
CCRB CryptoCarbon (Website) X
CCT Crystal Clear (Website)
CDN Canada eCoin (Website)
CDT CoinDash (Website)
CDX Commodity Ad Network (Website)
CEEK Ceek (Website) X
CEFS CryptopiaFeeShares
CEL Celsius (Website)
CENNZ Centrality
CESC CryptoEscudo (Website)
CF Californium (Website)
CFC CoffeeCoin (Website)
CFD Confido (Website)
CFI Cofound.it (Website)
CFT CryptoForecast (Website)
CFUN CFun (Website)
CGcoin Crowd Genie (Website)
CGCX CGCX Exchange (Website)
CGO Clash and go
CGS Coin Governance System (Website)
CHAN ChanCoin (Website)
CHAR BCharity (Website)
CHAT ChatCoin (Website)
CHC ChainCoin (Website)
CHEAP Cheapcoin
CHESS ChessCoin (Website)
CHP CoinPoker
CHSB SwissBorg (Website)
CHX Chainium (Website)
CIF CrowdIF (Website) X
CJ Cryptojacks (Website)
CL Coinlancer (Website)
CLAM Clams (Website)
CLBK Cellblocks (Website)
CLD Cloud (Website)
CLMB Columbery (Website)
CLN CLN (Website)
CLOAK CloakCoin (Website)
CLOUT Clout (Website)
CLR ClearCoin
CLUB ClubCoin (Website)
CLZ CLZ Health (Website)
CMB Creatanium (Website) X
CMB Airdrop Info:
join Telegram: https://t.me/creatanium
like Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PLMPFintech
fill in: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSff--hlD1tWK5hp5zOQ3EWWfigO8mbpH_SP7Np3Dqv78uD0kw/viewform
CME Cashme
CMK Coolomat (Website) X
CML CryptoMillionsLotto (Website)
CMP Compcoin (Website)
CMPCO CampusCoin (Website)
CMRT Cremit (Website) ref link
CMRT Airdrop Info:
go to https://t.me/CremitBot?start=572289219 and follow instructions
CMS COMSA [ETH] (Website)
CMS COMSA [XEM] (Website)
CMS COMSA (Website)
CMT CyberMiles (Website)
CMT Comet (Website)
CNC eCoinomic (Website)
CND Cindicator (Website)
CNNC Cannation (Website)
CNO Coin(O) (Website)
CNT Centurion (Website)
CNX Cryptonex (Website)
CNZ CryptoNationZ (Website)
COAL BitCoal (Website)
COB Cobinhood (Website) X
COFI CoinFi (Website)
COIN Coinvest (Website)
COLX ColossusCoinXT (Website)
CON PayCon (Website)
CONX Concoin (Website)
COR CORION (Website)
CORG CorgiCoin (Website)
COSM Cosmochain (Website)
COSS COSS (Website)
COT CoTrader (Website)
COTI COTI (Website)
COUP COUPit (Website)
COUPE Coupecoin (Website)
COV Covesting (Website)
COVAL Circuits of Value (Website)

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