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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
CCN CannaCoin (Website)
CNNC Cannation (Website)
CAN CanYa (Website)
CAN CanYaCoin (Website)
CAPP Cappasity (Website)
CPC Capricoin (Website)
CARBON Carboncoin (Website)
C8 Carboneum (Website)
ADA Cardano (Website)
CARD Cardstack (Website)
REO CareonChain (Website) ref link X
REO Airdrop Info:
go to this bot: https://t.me/CareonchainAirDrop_bot?start=572289219 and follow instructions
register at: https://careonchain.io/ref/EYDFV/
TICS CargoChain solutions (Website)
CXO CargoX
CRE Carry Airdrop Protocol (Website)
CTX CarTaxi Token (Website)
CV carVertical (Website)
CAS Cashaa (Website)
CBC CashBet (Website)
CASH Cashcoin (Website)
CME Cashme
CASINO Casino (Website)
CSC CasinoCoin (Website)
CAT Catcoin (Website)
CBD CBD Crystals
CCM100 CCMiner (Website)
CCO Ccore (Website)
CEEK Ceek (Website) X
CLBK Cellblocks (Website)
CEL Celsius (Website)
CTR Centra (Website)
CTR Centra Presale (Website)
CENNZ Centrality
CNT Centurion (Website)
CTRM Cetereum
CFUN CFun (Website)
CGCX CGCX Exchange (Website)
CHC ChainCoin (Website)
CHX Chainium (Website)
LINK ChainLink (Website)
CHAN ChanCoin (Website)
CAG Change (Website)
CAG Change Bank (Website)
CAG Change Bank (Website)
CHAT ChatCoin (Website)
CHEAP Cheapcoin
CHESS ChessCoin (Website)
TIME Chronobank (Website) ref link
DAY Chronologic (Website)
CRX Chronos (Website)
CND Cindicator (Website)
APLC CinemaWell (Website)
COVAL Circuits of Value (Website)
CVC Civic (Website)
CLAM Clams (Website)
CGO Clash and go
CLR ClearCoin
POLL ClearPoll (Website)
CLN CLN (Website)
CLOAK CloakCoin (Website)
CLD Cloud (Website)
CBR Cloud Blockchain (Website)
MOO CloudMoolah (Website)
CLOUT Clout (Website)
CLUB ClubCoin (Website)
CLZ CLZ Health (Website)
ZuZ Coalichain (Website)
COB Cobinhood (Website) X
COXST CoExistCoin (Website)
CFC CoffeeCoin (Website)
CFI Cofound.it (Website)
CTIC2 Coimatic 2.0 (Website)
CTIC3 Coimatic 3.0 (Website)
COY Coin Analyst
CGS Coin Governance System (Website)
CTB Coin Trade Base (Website) ref link X
CTB Airdrop Info:
register at: https://cointradebase.com/register/3baaa26f63204a40ba3336c812717728

after Login go to Airdrop
CNO Coin(O) (Website)
C2 Coin2.1 (Website)
ANX Coinanx (Website)
BNDL CoinBundle (Website) X
CDT CoinDash (Website)
COFI CoinFi (Website)
CL Coinlancer (Website)
MEE CoinMeet (Website)
MEET CoinMeet
XCM CoinMetro (Website) X
CXT Coinonat (Website)
XCXT CoinonatX (Website)
CPS CoinPaws (Website)
CPS Coinpayments (Website) X
CHP CoinPoker
COIN Coinvest (Website)
CV2 Colossuscoin V2 (Website)
COLX ColossusCoinXT (Website)
CLMB Columbery (Website)
CMT Comet (Website)
CBT CommerceBlock (Website)
CDX Commodity Ad Network (Website)

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