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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
COSM Cosmochain (Website)
LFE London Football Exchange (Website)
BGC BIT GAME (Website)
VAI VIOLA (Website) X
RAWG RAWG (Website)
WRL Whyral (Website)
VLT Contract Vault (Website)
VERA Verasity (Website)
AST Airsave Travel (Website)
ENTRY Entry Money (Website) X
MIOTA IOTA (Website)
BTC Bitcoin (Website)
ETH Ethereum (Website)
XRP Ripple (Website)
BCH Bitcoin Cash (Website)
ADA Cardano (Website)
XLM Stellar (Website)
LTC Litecoin (Website)
EOS EOS (Website)
XEM NEM (Website)
NEO NEO (Website)
DASH Dash (Website)
XMR Monero (Website)
TRX TRON (Website)
VEN VeChain (Website)
BTG Bitcoin Gold (Website)
ICX ICON (Website)
QTUM Qtum (Website)
ETC Ethereum Classic (Website)
LSK Lisk (Website)
XRB RaiBlocks
PPT Populous (Website)
USDT Tether (Website)
STEEM Steem (Website)
STRAT Stratis (Website)
ZEC Zcash (Website)
BCN Bytecoin (Website)
SC Siacoin (Website)
XVG Verge (Website)
BNB Binance Coin (Website)
BTS BitShares (Website)
SNT Status (Website)
WTC Walton (Website)
ZRX 0x (Website)
ARDR Ardor (Website)
REP Augur (Website)
MKR Maker (Website)
DOGE Dogecoin (Website)
AE Aeternity (Website)
VERI Veritaseum (Website)
HSR Hshare (Website)
KMD Komodo (Website)
RHOC RChain (Website)
DRGN Dragonchain (Website)
ETN Electroneum (Website)
ARK Ark (Website)
BAT Basic Attention Token (Website)
LRC Loopring (Website)
DCR Decred (Website)
IOST IOStoken (Website)
DGB DigiByte (Website)
PIVX PIVX (Website)
DCN Dentacoin (Website)
QASH QASH (Website)
KNC Kyber Network (Website)
ZCL ZClassic (Website)
GNT Golem (Website)
GAS Gas (Website)
AION Aion (Website)
DGD DigixDAO (Website)
GBYTE Byteball Bytes (Website)
CNX Cryptonex (Website)
WAX WAX (Website)
FUN FunFair (Website)
BTM Bytom (Website)
SALT SALT (Website)
NAS Nebulas (Website)
ETHOS Ethos (Website)
FCT Factom (Website)
CND Cindicator (Website)
SMART SmartCash (Website)
POWR Power Ledger (Website)
DENT Dent (Website)
SYS Syscoin (Website)
MONA MonaCoin (Website)
NXS Nexus (Website)
RDD ReddCoin (Website)
NXT Nxt (Website)
GXS GXShares (Website)
ENG Enigma (Website)
MAID MaidSafeCoin (Website)
REQ Request Network (Website)
XZC ZCoin (Website)
BNT Bancor (Website)
MED MediBloc (Website)
PART Particl (Website)
XP Experience Points (Website)
KIN Kin (Website)
NEBL Neblio (Website)
BTX Bitcore (Website)

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