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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
DCT DECENT (Website)
CAPP Cappasity (Website)
HST Decision Token (Website)
RISE Rise (Website)
NGC NAGA (Website)
GVT Genesis Vision (Website)
CLOAK CloakCoin (Website)
TRIG Triggers (Website)
1ST FirstBlood (Website)
EDO Eidoo (Website)
MGO MobileGo (Website)
PRL Oyster (Website)
LKK Lykke (Website)
THC HempCoin (Website)
GTO Gifto (Website)
WGR Wagerr (Website)
ECC ECC (Website)
TKN TokenCard (Website)
GRS Groestlcoin (Website)
AEON Aeon (Website)
VOX Voxels (Website)
SLS SaluS (Website)
BDG BitDegree (Website)
MER Mercury (Website)
IOC I/O Coin (Website)
INK Ink (Website)
KEY Selfkey (Website)
SHIFT Shift (Website)
MNX MinexCoin (Website)
TRST WeTrust (Website)
TAAS TaaS (Website)
CFI Cofound.it (Website)
COSS COSS (Website)
DLT Agrello (Website)
HVN Hive (Website)
PURA Pura (Website)
CRW Crown (Website)
TAU Lamden (Website)
TIX Blocktix (Website)
XSPEC Spectrecoin (Website)
EVX Everex (Website)
GRID Grid+ (Website)
DPY Delphy (Website)
DAT Datum (Website)
DIME Dimecoin (Website)
SXDT Spectre.ai Dividend (Website)
WRC Worldcore (Website)
NMC Namecoin (Website)
BLT Bloom (Website)
TIO Trade Token (Website)
PAYX Paypex (Website)
PRE Presearch (Website)
IXT iXledger (Website)
NET Nimiq (Website)
SIB SIBCoin (Website)
CAT BitClave (Website)
PRO Propy (Website)
FTC Feathercoin (Website)
POT PotCoin (Website)
VRC VeriCoin (Website)
KRM Karma (Website)
MTH Monetha (Website)
SAFEX Safe Exchange Coin (Website)
SBD Steem Dollars (Website)
XSH SHIELD (Website)
MOON Mooncoin (Website)
HMQ Humaniq (Website)
PEPECASH Pepe Cash (Website)
ECN E-coin (Website)
DNA EncrypGen (Website)
XEL Elastic (Website)
DMD Diamond (Website)
PASC Pascal Coin (Website)
JINN Jinn (Website)
LA LAToken (Website)
AMP Synereo (Website)
FLASH Flash (Website)
ZSC Zeusshield (Website)
HGT HelloGold (Website)
MSP Mothership (Website)
BCPT BlockMason Credit Protocol (Website)
CAN CanYaCoin (Website)
NEU Neumark (Website)
SNOV Snovio (Website)
GUP Matchpool (Website)
GTC Game.com (Website)
XWC WhiteCoin (Website)
FAIR FairCoin (Website)
PPY Peerplays (Website)
NLC2 NoLimitCoin (Website)
NSR NuShares (Website)
DRT DomRaider (Website)
COV Covesting (Website)
MDA Moeda Loyalty Points (Website)
POSW PoSW Coin (Website)
BLK BlackCoin (Website)
GRC GridCoin (Website)
OTN Open Trading Network (Website)

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