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Symbol Name Airdrop Website ref link
EMC Emercoin (Website)
EMN Eminent (Website)
EPY Emphy (Website)
EMU eMusic
DNA EncrypGen (Website)
ETT EncryptoTel [ETH]
ETT EncryptoTel [WAVES] (Website)
EDR Endor (Website)
EDS Endorsit (Website)
TSL Energo (Website)
ENRG Energycoin (Website)
ENG Enigma (Website)
XNG Enigma (Website)
ENJ Enjin Coin (Website)
ENJ Enjin Coin (Website)
ENLTE Enlte (Website)
ENTRY Entry Money (Website) X
EVN Envion (Website)
EOS EOS (Website)
EOT EOT Token (Website)
EO EOtrade (Website) X
ETK EPIC Token (Website)
EPN Epiphany (Website) X
EQL Equal
EQT EquiTrader (Website)
BASE Equitybase (Website)
ERC20 ERC20 (Website)
EREAL eREAL (Website)
EFYT Ergo (Website)
ERO Eroscoin
ERY Eryllium (Website)
ESCO Escobar (Website)
ESC Escroco (Website)
ESP Espers (Website)
ERT Esports (Website)
ENT Eternity (Website)
EBET EthBet (Website)
ETBS Ethbits (Website)
EET EtherC (Website)
EDT EtherDelta Token (Website)
ECH Etherecash
ETH Ethereum (Website)
ECASH Ethereum Cash (Website)
ETC Ethereum Classic (Website)
ETHD Ethereum Dark (Website)
ETG Ethereum Gold (Website)
ELITE Ethereum Lite (Website)
EMV Ethereum Movie Venture (Website)
ETE Ethereumera (Website)
RIYA Etheriya (Website)
ENC EthernetCash (Website)
DICE Etheroll (Website)
FUEL Etherparty (Website)
ESZ EtherSportz
LEND ETHLend (Website)
HORSE Ethorse (Website)
ETHOS Ethos (Website)
EUC Eurocoin (Website)
ERC EuropeCoin (Website)
EUSD eUSD (Website)
EVC EventChain (Website)
EVX Everex (Website)
EGC EverGreenCoin (Website)
EVER Everlife ref link  
please rate this airdrop: 010
EVER Airdrop Info:
go to http://bit.ly/2O1K3Hu , join and follow instructions
use /help to get all commands
do not forget to use /stellar_wallet to give your stellar adress
EMX EverMarkets (Website)
EVR Everus (Website)
EVIL Evil Coin (Website)
EVO Evotion (Website)
XUC Exchange Union (Website)
EXN ExchangeN (Website)
EXCL ExclusiveCoin (Website)
EXC EximChain (Website)
EXP Expanse (Website)
XP Experience Points (Website)
EXY Experty (Website)
EXY Experty (Website)
XPL Explorio
EXRN EXRNchain (Website)
FBL Faceblock
FC Facecoin (Website)
FACE Faceter (Website)
FCT Factom (Website)
FAIR FairCoin (Website)
FAIR FairGame (Website)
FAN FAN Token (Website) X
FCN Fantomcoin (Website)
FAP FAPcoin (Website)
FRD Farad (Website)
FRGC Fargocoin (Website)
FRCT Farstcoin
FIT Fast Invest (Website) X
FTE Fast Trade Exchange (Website)
FST Fastcoin (Website)
FAZZ Fazzcoin (Website)
FTC Feathercoin (Website)
TIPS FedoraCoin (Website)

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